Thursday, 11 August 2016

Hope - We Don't Know

It's been a busy last couple months...  traveled around Europe, then off to Western Canada where I've been to Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.  Hands down I like Vancouver the best.  Used to live there and forgot how beautiful it was and how relaxed it can be if you know where to stay.

This should be the trader's anthem...

Where will I go to next? I don't know...   I'm thinking San Antonio, Texas to see my aunt and then down to Columbia to check out the city of eternal spring in Medellin.  One thing is for sure, cold weather does not agree with me.


As for my trading, I have come to the realization that I need to just forget about having a set rhythm.  I need a plan without a plan.  Getting up at 5am or 6am in Western Canada to trade the NY open is tough....  at first it was okay but gradually I started getting groggy and making bad trades.  

The breakthrough I had was when my brother from another mother, Madman, said why do you get up early?  Just trade when you can and feel like it.   It's true...  if I get up early and feel groggy then I don't go to the gym or practice yoga because I know I might not accomplish much or worse, injure myself. So why trade?? and possible injure my trade account?


So if you're trading... trade when you feel like it, and stop when you're ahead.



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