Friday, 27 May 2016

the empty can rattles the most

New traders and some "experienced" traders alike remind me of an old Metallica song.  "The empty can rattles the most".  If you don't know that one, then you may have heard the saying "the squeaky wheel gets the most grease" or "all bark and no bite".

Just the other day I encountered a scenario of missing a TP by half a pip.  I laughed because this used to happen to me all the time and I have been using Phantom Auto TP and SL's (undetectable by brokers) but on that day I happened to try a new strategy and used a manual TP and SL.  

So I posted a picture on my facebook and instagram, thinking this would draw some LOLs and ROFLMAOs but instead just got newbie trader responses, words of "wisdom", and the like.  That's the thing about Forex.  Not many people will share your mindset and a lot of people just rattle a lot because they are new to trading or think they know it all. 
That is why I stopped frequenting forums and bothering to share or exchange Forex strategies, it's difficult finding (successful) traders with a similar mind set.  I also took a break from coaching Forex because it's just painful when newbies always think they know it all when they should be paying attention.
Alot of (newbie) traders...
say their trading is going great... but they aren't profitable yet
want a system... but aren't prepared to follow a system
want to make pips... but count dollars
want financial freedom...  but talk about money non stop
want to make money... without spending any time, money, or effort

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