Thursday, 14 April 2016

Traveling Light

Traveling light is the way to go.  Sounds simple right?

Sure. It is, until a few days before your trip and you realize you need ID, Documents, your favorite MP3s, Audio Books, Pictures, your trading logs, EAs, MQLs, PDFs of trading strategies, etc, etc etc. and your carry on is only 7kg!

Thankfully there are better ways  to store all your documents and backups of import documents like your passport, drivers license, credit cards, social insurance number, bank statements, visa documents, travel itineraries etc.

Clearly Degoo gives you far more space.  So why bother with Dropbox?

  • Two Backups are better than one!  Both applications have android apps and windows clients.
  • Dropbox allows you to sync between multiple computers and devices.  Meaning you can edit your work files,  such as an mql indicator or expert advisory on one machine and it will update the files on another machine,  for example your VPS. 
  • Degoo is more of a backup tool that is linked to one computer.  So you can backup your work files periodically and recover them if need be.  To allow syncing you have to upgrade to the pro version. 

My recommendation is to use Dropbox for files you intend to update and sync across computers regularly and to use Degoo to back up all your files. 
Free Dropbox Space

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