Tuesday, 12 April 2016

New Perspective

Here I am in Rawai, Phuket Thailand sitting at my house and looking forward to traveling to get away and then I see this video...

...and I realize, hey I'm living in a pretty cool spot.    Funny how we perceive things that aren't at all what they are.  Like newbie traders that say they are doing well, in the same conversation they tell you they haven't been profitable... ever!

Sometimes you need to step back and take a "bird's eye view" (like in this video) to do a quick audit on yourself and where you are.

Same goes for... you guessed it.... trading....  sometimes you are so caught up in trading that you are losing sight of the bigger picture.   For me it goes back to the days where I made 10% profit consistently.  A DAY!   It started with per month, then per week, then per day.   And then it derailed a little when I got greedy and had 200% days and -50% days..  the rollercoaster that probably all traders go through. 

Until the day I took trading seriously, stopped making greedy and stupid mistakes, set some rules, and followed them.  Trading hasn't been as much fun, but I sure don't miss the rollercoaster of draw dawns.