Friday, 24 July 2015

The EA Rollercoaster

Two days ago my account was up 40%, today it is only 6% up.   There were 3 trades that the robot opened with the same currency and for some reason didn't automatically close out at break even.  Lets have a look:

You can see the 3 entries with the vertical lines and Ellipses on this hourly chart.  30 hours later there was plenty of opportunity to adjust the trade manually, close 1 trade in profit an 2 trades in the negative with a small loss.
Ultimately it's my fault.  My trading was going so well that I just set and forget and didn't bother to review open trades on my demo account and kept busy enjoying Europe while focusing on profits in my real account.
The challenge I'm having now is monitoring my real account and demo account.   It's easy to get overwhelmed and to get lazy. 
All in all still in the positive overall, a little disgruntled, but it's a good wake up call to stop spending time with hobby traders and focusing on trading on my own, streamlining my trading with both accounts.
All you can do when that happens is chalk it up as experience and learn from it.  For me it's a matter of figuring out an easier way to monitor multiple accounts and writing some safeguards for number of lots opened for one currency.