Thursday, 23 July 2015

Silence is Golden

It's 9am Vienna time, I'm in bed just waking up, and I get an instant message asking me if I made it out of a trade that was in the negative.  Not how I wanted to start my day. I haven't even had my coffee yet and I'm bombarded with small talk about a trade from a friend.... That's a major pet peeve of mine...

There is a saying that "Great people talk about ideas, small people talk about people". 

The same goes for Forex.  Real traders talk about the big picture, hobby traders talk about trades.

So when my friend for the hundredth time asks me about a trade and if I'm still in it, I see red... after all I have already asked him a dozen times not to ask about my trades or how much money I made but instead focus on the bigger picture. The market. The trend. Entry and Exist Strategies.  

Well I guess this is where it is time to draw the line and treat him like all the other "Hobby Traders" and distance myself and not talk about trading, period.  No need for back seat drivers that do nothing but distract.  And they do so on purpose thinking it's fun.  Perhaps you have the patience for it. I don't. Especially when I'm waking up and haven't had my coffee yet.

Silence is Golden.  That's why you hear hardly anything from the professional traders, they go on about their business and cash in on their trades.