Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Managed Account Update

Here I am in my home town of Vienna Austria (Europe) , that's right, Europe, no Kangaroos in Austria, surfing the net and I thought I'd give an update on my managed forex account.

It has been a good month.  I'm back home and considering relocating.  I'm eating great meals, drinking amazing coffee, and enjoying lots of great Gelato and Sweets.  Trading is going well now that I'm rewriting a lot of Metatrader functionality and adding new functionality with custom indicators and expert advisors, allowing me to fine tune my Managed Forex Account.

As you may know, my managed account was off to a rocky start as it was unattended.  That's the thing about these Expert Advisors and Too Good To Be True Robots, they work for a short time and then they bomb.  Why?  Because you need human interaction.  Thanks to my custom Metatrader code I now spend about 20 minutes a day, an hour max and do a daily review of the charts and then for the most part "Set and Forget". Although when I do check the charts I'm typically exiting a trade early, in the positive of course, and missing out on a few extra pips.  But that's how it goes.

In any event, it has been about 3 weeks since my last update and I'm up 40% this month thus far.  The latest up-to-date numbers are below.