Thursday, 25 June 2015

Add a Little Spice

It's not easy trading from your home in a tropical country.  Most people think "Wow, what a good life" and don't realize it's not that easy.  It's hard enough trading in a Western Country from your home.   Having an office sure helps, to divide your life and work world.

I have to admit, life is good.   I'll take hot over cold any day.  But when it comes to trading I like to be in a cool room, have a desk, or kitchen table.  Lately I have been struggling with the temperature so what I do is go for some spicy food.

You know you gotta add some spice to your life.  To your trading. 

Sure I could cook myself but that motorcycle drive sure cools me down, that spicy food gets my metabolism going, and I feel refreshed coming back home.  Of course I usually have to hit a cold shower cause it's always hot and humid here.

The point is, add some spice to your routine.  Just sitting at home all day and raking in the pips and dough doesn't cut it.