Friday, 22 May 2015

Managed Accounts

Those of you following my blog know I'm not a fan of managed accounts.  At least not anyone else's. haha.    Seriously though, I find managed accounts for the most part are pie in the sky.   I believe in semi-automated trading. 

For the last year I have been experimenting with a managed account and have had great positive results.

I finally had a chance to open an account at MyFxBook, and quite frankly love their Android App. 

Have a look at and take a look at my managed account for yourself.

*** UPDATE JUNE 29 2015***

The first couple months were up and down.  Not exactly a home run start, however it's the real deal.
If you have a closer look you'll find that some strategies and currencies performed better than others.  One strategy in particular has been constantly making gains.  Others have not.  Not a problem.   I have updated the Managed EA and will review again in a month.