Friday, 10 April 2015

Good Morning Vietnam

I thought traffic in Bangkok was crazy.   Traffic here in Saigon is even worse, albeit fun.   Kinda like the Forex Market.  It can be a mess of ups and downs and yet fun, when you're on the right side of the trade.

The picture doesn't do it justice.  Just like a current view of the chart doesn't always give you the bigger picture.   The traffic here is like the "Wild West", no pun intended and no traffic lights needed.   At any time you can have someone coming at you in your lane, to your left, or to your right. It appears chaotic at first but soon you're realize there is a method to the madness.
Kinda like trading around news times, you'll see the market go up and down, swing around, and spit a newbie out.   But once you've got experience and are one with the traffic, one with the market, then it's just another day.  Albeit nothing like we're used to in the Western World.
Driving here is even more fun.  Personally I would rather drive than be someone's passenger, just because I like to be in control.   Just like my trading.  I like to trade myself, manually or semi-automatically.  But not trade with someone else's Robot or Signals.  There are too many of these get rich quick marketing sensations that promise you success in Forex overnight.  I just happened to talk to a client from Western Africa and he has it in his head that he can get someone to write a program to "execute high volume, high profit, low risk, low drawdown" trades.    I had a good laugh... 
As for Vietnam, it's worth a see.  If you plan on going there, pack light and leave room in your suitcase or buy a new one.  You can get clothes at a bargain, key word, bargain.  At $2 a tank top, $10 for Jeans, $5 for dress shirts it's worth it.  And yeah I know, you can probably get better deals, but then again you won't find the same quality or style.
Thanks to my Forex Alerts, I kept in the game and made quite a few successful trades, knowing when to stay in and out of the market. Knowing when to open my Metatrader App or just sit out.  That's the beauty about good Forex Alerts.  They keep you from staying glued to the screen while also keeping you from missing out on trading opportunities.  Now that I've got screenshots, trendline analysis, bias, and news built into my Forex Alerts it just got a lot easier to trade with confidence.