Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sunny Days

Don't you just love sunny days?  There is something in the air,  you feel happy,  the sun feels good and there are so many fun things to do.

When you are making good trades it's like a sunny warm summer day.  Enjoy it.  Be sure to be thankful for it and reminisce a little.  Remember what it was like.  What you did and did not do to make positive trades.  Your work environment. Your mental and physical state.  Where you drinking Espressos? Did you do Yoga before? What did you eat?  What indicators,  strategies and tactics did you use.  Why did it work? What are signs for another "sunny day".

Cherish those Sunny Days and your Good Trading Days.  And when they come around again then dive in and enjoy.

Trading is about more than technicals and fundamentals.  It's about figuring out what works FOR YOU and how to repeat.

35C and Crispy Warm Here Today.  :)

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