Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day

When I was a kid I thought boxing day was about a boxing match...  turns out it is an English tradition of "boxing" up your old clothes to give to the poor and needy.  Hence "Boxing Day".

As I'm packing for my flight to Cambodia I'm going through my wardrobe and finding all sorts of shirts that I haven't worn in a long time.  To my surprise they fit great and look better than I remember.  Possibly because I've lost a lot of weight since doing Yoga Daily.  I think I'm down 10 kilos now.  Maybe because I'm just more toned and the shirt fits my complexion better.  Or it looks the same and not having worn it in a long time it looks "new".

Trading can be like that too.  One day a strategy you haven't used in a while, or a currency you haven't traded in a long time, looks quite appealing.  For me that's AUDJPY.  In the past I have had some of my best trades with it.  But I typically stick to EURUSD.  And you know these days I have even traded GBPUSD quite successfully while in the past I found it to be a pain.   Maybe it's that I'm up earlier now and trade the Asian session, or maybe it's my new strategies.  Maybe it's the old strategies I have started using again.

Whatever the case, if it's working.  So this boxing day, perhaps have a look at a new currency to trade.  A new (or new again) strategy to explore.  The holidays are a great time to do some analysis and figure out what your New Years Strategy should be.