Sunday, 2 November 2014

Take a Break

The other day I was in Singapore to get my Thai Education Visa renewed.  Going in I knew that the Singapore embassy was one of the toughest and unfriendly Thai embassies there is and getting my Thai Education Visa renewed was a coin flip.

You see after 1 year of studying Thai at a private school I was starting to get bored with my routine and it was interfering with my trading.  The only teacher that I found I could learn from had classes just around the time I like trading.  Europe Open on Tuesday and Thursday.   Sure I could trade around that but given that my learning was plateauing it made sense to focus on what was more meaningful and fun.

So when I was denied my Education Visa and got a 60 day tourist visa (extendable to 90 days), it wasn't the end of the world.  Sure it's a pain in the ass however now I am going to take a break, be a tourist for 90 days, and trade more.

You see taking a break sometimes helps you get better at something.  For me at this point it will actually help me improve my Thai langauge skills because I can practice what I learnt and learn more on my own.   I can always go back to school, find a tutor, or practice with the many beautiful Thai ladies there are here in Phuket.

What does this have to do with trading?    Simple.  Taking a break from Trading can be the best thing you can do to improve your trading.  Just like in sports or exercise you need to take a break and let your muscles rest (and grow!).  You see often we are so determined we get caught up in it, be it studying, trading, sports, etc and we tend to overdo it, while for a short time that is beneficial, in the long run it can hinder your growth.

Taking a break from trading can really help you.  Like a vacation to recharge your batteries.   Take a week or two, then slowly start just analyzing the markets.  Start looking for new strategies, review your existing ones.   Don't trade.    Put on your observer hat and just get a feel of the market.   Feel the force ;)

Soon you will be in the full swing of things and you will find that those 2 steps backward while taking a break helped you accelerate and run forward, perhaps leap forward.

Perhaps get ahold of your Forex Mentor or Coach and he can guide you to a new start.

Taking a break from Trading can be the best decsion you've ever made.  And boy is it fun trading again after a a couple weeks or months away from the market.