Friday, 7 November 2014

Stretch Much?

If you do any kind of sports you likely stretch and warm up.  If you don't you should.  And if you're trading the Forex Market then you should consider doing the same.

As I mentioned the other day I started scalping again.  First with 0.1 lots, then 0.2, then 0.5, then 1 lot.   That used to be my routine when scalping.

Warm up with a small lot size. Get a feel for the market.  If I'm wrong (ie. something hurts while you're stretching) then you take it easy.  And on days where the warm up isn't feeling good all together then I don't play.  In other words if I flunk out with a small lot size, I stay there. Flunk out again then call it a day.  If I however get into the swing of things then I start increasing my lots size.

Give it a try.  In your demo account of course! :)