Sunday, 23 November 2014

Rice Pudding

I remember as a kid growing up Friday's were always special.  My elementary school in Vienna Austria would have something sweet for lunch.   Rice Pudding was my favorite.  I still haven't found anything like it.  It was thick, creamy, had clumps of goodness and freshly shaved Milka chocolate on top.  I lived for Friday's.

These days I live for Sunday's.  Because that is my "Free Day" and I can eat whatever I want.  Monday to Saturday I stick to very healthy organic home made foods.   So when it comes to cooking, healthy or not, I find myself either buying too many groceries or missing a couple ingredients to perfect that dish I've been looking forward to. 

I have been giving that a lot of food today and that had me thinking back to my childhood and that Rice Pudding that I can't get out of my head.   And I also remembered having a set menu at school.   Friday's were always our sweet days.   Other days were less exciting for me but nonetheless the routine was there.  So I have now adapted it to my cooking at home.   I have my google calendar filled in with what I will cook, thereby making my shopping easy. 

You might think it's boring, but it's actually exciting because I look forward to my meals and I can plan ahead and get all the ingredients I need.

In other words I have streamlined my cooking routine, and made it fun.

What does this have to do with Trading the Forex Market?

A few things.  First off you need to establish a routine.  You need to make that routine enjoyable and learn to love it.  You need to plan ahead.  And you need to give yourself something to look forward to, like Rice Pudding, or perhaps a nice meal out.  A beer.  Whatever gets you excited.

You need to review your calendar.  Set alarms if you have to, to remind you.  For example for FOMC, NFP, ECB, etc.  I use an Android App for that.   Sometimes as I'm trading or doing whatever it is that's on my agenda, I want to ensure I don't forget about an upcoming news event.

I also like to have a routine that gets me into trading on Monday and gets me to slow down on Friday.   Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are my prime trading days.

And as for all those other todos and things you have on the go?  Do yourself a favor and start planning for those too.  An organized person makes a great trader.  When your personal life is in order then trading becomes a breeze because you can focus on it.  Like a professional athlete that needs to be ready for the big match. No distractions.  Focused. In the zone.   His sh!t in order and ready to rock.

Get organized and enjoy the week ahead!