Monday, 10 November 2014

Manic Mondays

For most people, Monday's are Manic.   It's "back to the grind" for many.  Off to work.  The weekend (and all the fun) is over.  Time to be serious again. Meetings. Things To Do.  All those "I'll do it later" items catching up with you.

Even though I don't have a "J.O.B."  (J.ust O.ver B.roke) anymore, I can still relate.  In fact for quite a while I felt just as manic.  With all that free time, suddenly having to trade again, and all these things I had to do.... like get passport pictures done, make travel plans, shop for a new badminton racket.  Different problems.  Good problems.  None the less...  it used to stress me out a little.

The best way to tackle Manic Monday's as a Forex Trader is to ease into the market.  Ease into trading and...

Plan for the Week Ahead

I have written about this before.  Here is a different spin on it....
  1. Use Google Calendar to Plan Out Your Week.  What does Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday look like....  what are the plans for the weekend.  What preparations do you have to make and when.  
    1. Your to-do's
    2. Your commitments
    3. Important Economic Events
    4. You Time!!  
  2. Don't plan to trade on Mondays.   It's better to trade because you have the time than it is to feel beat up because you couldn't get to it.  Besides Monday's can be the direction setter for the week ahead.
  3. Start Small.  I started scalping again and I ease into it with a small lot size and then start doubling up and before you know it I'm using a lot or two.   It's like a warm-up at the gym.
  4. Be Realistic.  I have written about S.M.A.R.T. goals before.    The biggest problem is that people bite off more than they can chew.   Give yourself lots of wiggle room.   If you can scratch all those to-do's off your list quicker, great.  No need to overcommit and then feel bad about it.  Pace yourself.  Bite-Size-Junks!
It's 1pm Bangkok time and I only glimpsed at the charts.  Didn't see anything interested.  Moved on.  Did yoga in the morning.  Some laundry.  Studied Thai.   Talked to a couple Thai friends.  Lunch is cooking in my rice cooker.  And I'm about to check on the Yogurt I'm making and get some water.   I'll likely start analyzing more in depth in an hour or so.  Maybe I won't get around to it till Europe opens at 3pm Bangkok time.  Maybe I won't get to it until the US Open at 8pm.    It's okay.  I'm getting things done.

That's what it's all about.  Getting things done.  Do Now. Do Later. or Forget About It.

Enjoy your week ahead!