Thursday, 20 November 2014

Forex for a Good Cause

My mom's birthday is coming up. She passed away a few months ago and it's a sad time of the year.  She loved animals so when I saw this ad on Facebook I quickly signed up and donated for this good cause. "Soi Dogs".  I will also donate 100% of my Forex Trading Audit to this cause for the next year.


About Soi Dogs - Stop Dog Meat Trade

The dog meat trade in Southeast Asia is the most disgusting form of cruelty that humans inflict on animals.  Yet most Thai people don’t even know it is going on in their beautiful country.  And if they did, they would help stop it.

I know this first hand because many of my friends weren't aware of the dog meat trade in Thailand. 

Will you please buy a billboard to tell them about it, and recruit them in the global campaign to shut down this horrific trade?

Better yet, Sign Up to my Forex Trading Audit and I will buy 5 Billboards in your name!

To report dog or cat snatcher trucks, areas where dogs are collected or slaughterhouses call the Hotline 088-302-7556 open 24 hours a day.
You can stop the illegal dog and cat meat trade!
Reward of 5,000 baht for information leading to an arrest.
When making a report please:
  1. If possible photograph the vehicle, including the registration plates.
  2. Provide vehicle registration number, type of vehicle (brand/model), location and estimated number of dogs or cats involved.
Eating or killing cats and dogs is ILLEGAL!

More information about the campaign:

The majority of Thai people would be shocked and appalled if they knew what was happing in their beautiful country.

But they don’t know because dog meat traders usually do their deadly business in secret. And they’re getting better and better at hiding it.

That’s why these billboards are so important. They not only alert local people to the horrible trade, they tell them what to look out for, and what to do if they see suspicious activity.

The billboards also advertise a 5,000 Thai Baht reward for information leading to arrests.
It’s a really practical, effective and low-cost way to squeeze dog meat traders out of business.

With your help, we can buy more billboards to go up on major trade routes through Thailand, and in the towns where dogs are often stolen from.

It doesn’t cost a lot by our standards to buy a billboard, but this strategy can make a big impact – in the short term by leading to arrests, and in the long term by educating tens of thousands of people.
Ultimately, the biggest impact is on the dogs that will be spared from disgusting and unnecessary cruelty.
Take your care for animals to the streets of Thailand.