Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Motivation can be a positive, however it can also be detriment. "Motivate an idiot and they will do stupid things faster."  (Brad Sugar)

Lets face it, if you meet someone that just isn't switched on, and they are asking you to help them, be it in business, life, or trading, if they are clueless or just don't get it, then you are motivating an idiot.   Sounds harsh but it's the reality.   Don't confuse negativity with being realistic.

I met with someone recently who wanted to start a business, and as a business builder and business coach I wanted to help them, however the more I talked to them and wanted to help them become successful with money making strategies, they just didn't get it.  They still had an employee mentality with big dreams but absolutely no strategy or plan to get it.  Worse yet, they didn't want to plan or change any of their bad habits.  Motivating them unfortunately would backfire.  Not only would they in all likelihood fail, miserably, but then more than likely blame everyone but themselves.

For this reason I don't take on many business partners, clients, or students.  Why deal with the headache and drama when I can just trade on my own and make great ROI?   The thought of making maybe 10% ROI from a business doesn't excite me.  Even if that's every month.  Why?  The headaches and drama just aren't worth it.   I can easily trade and make that. In a month, in a week, in a day.

This is the reason why I don't take on many traders as my students.  There are too many idiots that want to be making big money without risking anything.  They just have this idea in their mind that they are owed big money for doing nothing.   Motivate an idiot and they do stupid things quicker....

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but sometimes you need to hear the hard reality.  That in itself is motivation.  And lets face it, if you are not offended and still reading this then you know where I'm coming from.