Saturday, 4 October 2014

Learning Thai

Learning to trade Forex is a lot like learning Thai.   There are many schools, many teachers, yet there are few that actually do a good job at teaching.  The language schools here in Thailand are for the most part a joke.   There are two types of schools, the ones that have pretty girls and the other type that actually is serious about teaching.   Yet neither one does a good job.

The school I go to is probably above average, yet it is a real struggle to learn Thai when the teachers are just so bad at teaching. Some of them are new to teaching, others are not new to teaching but teach old outdated ways that don't even work well on kids, let alone on educated foreign adults.

There are some basics in any language that one has to master before being able to master the language, heck even before being able to hold a conversation.    At the same time some basic vocabulary is needed to make small talk or hold a simple conversation.   I remember when I grew up we started learning English in first grade.  With pictures.  Apple, Orange, Lemon, Table, Chair, Teacher, Student....   You'd think it would be this easy to learn Thai?  Nope.... The teachers insist on using a self written book that is full of mistakes, poorly organized, and to teach you the most important principle, the 5 tones (mid, low, high, falling, raising) they don't use actual words but just made up words.   Then you are supposed to go home and practice these made up words and are expected to come back the next lesson and have mastered the tones.....  Funny isn't it how some expectations are just not realistic.

Same goes with trading.  You can go to many fancy schools, find yourself a well dressed teacher, and be left learning absolutely nothing, or worse yet you are left with a false hope of understanding trading.   Luckily with the Thai language the worst that may happen, and it will, no one will understand you. With trading your false confidence will end you losing money.

My point is that there are many holy grail schools, courses, etc that are being offered.  Even big names that you see on CNBC on a regular basis will try and suck you into their course, program, or social site.   And my experience has been it's so disappointing.    Sometimes you are just better off learning on your own and then getting a tutor or coach to focus on the items you need help with.

The best advice I can give you when learning a new language or learning to trade is to find someone that can coach you properly.   That works at your speed, and is able to motivate you and inspire you to learn.  It's not all gonna be rainbows and lollipops.  It's hard work, but with the right coach you can make it happen.