Tuesday, 9 September 2014

September September We Always Have Fun Remember

After a couple months of relaxing on the beach, traveling, and enjoying life, I'm back to trading Forex again.  September is a great time to do so.  The summer months and vacations are over.  Kids are back in school.  And business starts moving again.  So does the market.

I typically trade September to mid December, take Christmas off and then trade again mid-January to about Easter, take a short break and then trade until mid-May.  It's almost like being back in school.  Except it's less work, there is no homework, and the hours are pretty slack.

I trade only 3 days a week and for a couple hours on those days.

Most traders and noobs spend too much time infront of their computer and not enough living life.  Some spend too much time worrying about when to trade and don't take advantage of the prime times to trade.

Hope you have a great September.  I know I will :)