Thursday, 25 September 2014

Are You Happy?

The best traders are happy traders.   Don't be fooled into thinking trading will make you happy.   It's all about your lifestyle choices.   Trading isn't the answer to happiness.   You know the saying "Money isn't everything".    Sure money helps.  A lot.  BUT if you hare unhappy all the money in the world can't change that.   Trading won't either.

You need to focus on what makes you happy.  Your surroundings.  The land, the people, the food, your health, friends, family, etc.   Surround yourself with happy people and it will become so much easier to stay positive.  And when you are happy and positive, your trading becomes easier.  After all, trading is just a small part of your life.  Yet it enables you to live such a good life.  Like any job or business, do it with passion but don't let it consume your life.

For me happiness is somewhere warm with mild or no winters, with healthy food, friendly people, access to the internet, movie theatre, yoga, badminton, low crime, with an airport nearby so I can jetset when and if I want.   That place for me is Thailand.  Although I am considering checking out Malta.

Sometimes you also have to make hard decisions and cut out the things or people that make you unhappy.  For example the weather, rude people, money hungry self absorbed people, unhealthy food, too much TV, bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking.   All in all you might need to change your friends and surround yourself with people that strive to be positive, healthy, and happy. 

Bottom line.  Focus on you and your happiness.  Your trading will fall into place.