Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Life of a Day Trader - A Typical Day

When I first started trading about 5 years ago I had no idea what to expect.   I remember the feeling was almost like being in high school when you picture what college or a "real job" would be like and you just don't know.  Of course reality is much different.

Many people focus on trading too much.  They are glued infront of their computers all day, waiting for that perfect trade.  I tend to just go on for a little bit and when I have made my trade, I leave my computer and keep an eye on my trade but don't babysit it.  If you have done your analysis right and if you have enough experience you know what can and cannot happen. The good and the bad. The ugly.

A typical day varies from trader to trader.   I am too busy with life to sit infront of my computer all day.  I remember I used to do that in the beginning but then I ended up putting on weight and feeling sluggish.   Now I realize I just need a few good trades and I'm set.

Rather than telling you a typical day, let me tell you what I did today.  This morning I got up around 8.  Made Espresso around 830. Then went to the Transportation Department to renew my vehicle registration and insurance.  Was told I needed to get my car inspected.  Went back home, went to school to study Thai.  Signed my visa papers to renew another year.  And after class I went to get my car inspected.  Got the A OK sign. Paid my 2000 Baht. That's about US$70 for the inspection, one year insurance and registration, and then went grocery shopping.  After arriving home and putting the groceries away I planted some basil, celery, and mint.  (I like cooking with fresh herbs).  Made some Vegetarian Green Curry with Rice.   Surfed facebook.   Looked at the charts after the US Market Opened, around 7pm, answered some emails, noticed EURUSD hit the Average True Range Resistance Level and placed a short order.   Made 10 pips.  Made a note to improve my take profit targets for ATR trades and decided to write this post before calling it a day. It was a hot one today, 35C and with all the driving around and maybe a change in my diet, I feel exhausted and my head isn't in the right frame of wind to do any more analysis, besides, I made my 10 pips, already have a good trade.