Monday, 2 December 2013

Happy Traders make the Best Traders

Happiness goes a long way.  If you have ever been to Thailand you will see many smiley happy people.  Furthermore people will be generally relaxed in situations that would result in unhappy and angry people in Western culture.

Take driving for example, you are constantly swerving in and out of traffic, have oncoming traffic going the wrong way, people "cut you off", traffic signs are often ignored, and yet there is this calmness.   "cutting someone off" is even the wrong expression here in Thailand.  It's not that you are being cut off or cutting someone off, it's simply traffic.  No negative thought goes into the situation.   Whereas in Western countries one would be angry, shout, signal obscenities, and blood pressure would surely boil.   Here in Thailand it just is not so.  It's not interpreted as a negative, therefor there is not negativity bouncing back.

There is a saying that a man's character is determined in times of adversity.  One goes as far as to say that if you can find humour in a bad situation you have conquered the bad situation.

My dad always said smile and make everyone wonder what you're so happy about.
In Yoga the instructor will tell you to smile in the most difficult positions. 
In Boxing you will actually feel less pain or no pain if you smile.

Happiness is not just your path in life, but it is your path to successful Forex Trading.  If you are unhappy you are likely to react with your emotions.   And fellas, that goes especially for all you men, and less so for the ladies.  The funny thing is that man will have less emotion than a woman, however when it comes to money, men will experience more emotion than women.  And not that we don't have feelings, for example we feel hungry, haha. But seriously now if you are happy you are going to be able to stay cool and make coherent trading decisions opposed to emotional trading decisions.