Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Russia Privjet

Some days it's great  be trading the Forex market.  Actually make that most days.  Lets face it, if you are consistently making profits and can trade for a living then you have one of those jobs that you enjoy waking up to.  Except it's not a job.  It's freedom.  Freedom to travel anywhere, do anything.

I was going to travel to Europe this year and go back to my roots to Vienna Austria where I was born and raised but then I ended up moving to Thailand and thought I'd delay.  Well what can I say, I just couldn't wait and why not do both?    So after a few successful trades I had made my "vacation" money to go to Europe and I started shopping for a flight.   Turns out Aeroflot had the best deals and since I was connecting in Moscow anywayI decided to stay there for 3 days to check it out.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Moscow.  It was European (moreso than "Russian") and embedded a powerful image of Russia into my memories.   A great city, lots of great sites, and more importantly I now have an insight into Russia.  It's true what they say...

The only thing you buy that makes you richer, is travel!

You can read and hear all about a place, a nation, people, but there is no substitute to travel and experiencing another culture for yourself.

All pictures taken by me :)

The same goes for the Forex Market.  You can read all you want.  Study all you want.  Hear all you want from other traders.  Make or break that demo account all you want.   But nothing prepares you for the real world until you are using real money.

80% of traders break their real account in the first month,
The other 20% do okay and very few of those do great.

Can you guess which traders do the best?

The ones that take on  a coach to show them the ropes and give them real feedback.  Unbiased feedback.

When you want to explore another country you go there, you get yourself a tourguide, a local that knows the lay of the land and can give you a unique insight and perspective in just a few hours.  Try it on your own and you'll end up spending days missing out on the real world.

Do yourself a favor, get yourself a Forex Coach and start trading the markets feeling comfortable you have the support and guidance you need to survive the Forex Market.