Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Reacquaint yourself with the obvious choice

So here I am on my 2013 Europa Tour, having just visited Moscow and Prague, I'm on my way to Milan Italy.  The last time I was in Italy, in Venice to be exact was when I was 18 years young, with my father.  Now that I think about it, it was one of the best  trips.  Great weather, warm friendly people, great food, and beautiful Italian girls with smiles a young man would dream about at night.  Here I am many years later and I suddenly realize that Italy is one of those places I should have and must visit more.


The language sounds like music, and people speak with pleasant emotions.   And I dont remember an Italian ever getting mad, upset,  or being rude or disrespectful.  I'm sure those Italians exist but overall I can only recall pleasant memories of Italy.   Milan was a nice re-introduction to Italy and after a quick day of sight seeing I was off to Rome.   Great history and culture. Reminds me of my hometown, a former Roman town (Vindebona) now called Vienna.  It was sold to the Habsburgs hundreds of years ago and while uniquely Viennese and Austrian, Roman influences and history prevails in Vienna also.

But Italy... I could live here.     Warm weather, great food, friendly people.   A language that I will have to learn, perhaps next year I will stay here for a couple months in summer.

When it comes to currency trading the Forex Market you can also find yourself rediscovering a strategy or system that worked gangbusters.   Then you wonder, why didn't I do this sooner...    Lesson learnt is that sometimes you have to do a review of your tradidng progress and revisit what has an has not worked.   The best approach to more profitable trades is often to revisit ones past and learn from your mistakes and successes.  In other words, don't get stuck.  Get out there, start exploring.