Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Prague is beautiful they said

Funny how many people talk about Prague, some of them have been there, and they are in love with Prague and think it is the most beautiful and romantic place in Europe, perhaps the world.   Don't get me wrong, it is a nice city but in my books it's an average European city. 

Nicer than Paris I would say but then again I am not a big fan of Paris either.   Call me biased but I believe Vienna is far more beautiful, romantic, and has more history.  Then again I was born and raised there and know all the places to see.   There are lots of them, it will take you a week just to see a glimpse of a third of them.   Prague is nice but after a couple days you will run out of interesting historical and breathtaking things to see.  Better beer than Vienna I admit, but then again Vienna has better food, albeit with a bohemian influence.

 A few snapshots of Vienna...

Vienna, Austria
The hidden jewel of Europe

When it comes to trading currencies you will also encounter the die hards with oppinions of what currency pairs are the best to trade.  You know, the Kiwi Traders or die hard Cable traders.  You know while some traders swear they do well with those pairs, I have absolutely no interest in currencies like the Kiwi, Suisse, Aussie, or Cable.  Also don't care much about Silver or Gold but will trade Oil on occasion.  

So who is right?   YOU!   Profitable currency pairs are in the eye of the beholder.   Only you can determine what currency pairs are your favorites, and your most profitable.  Forget what everyone else says, just review your trading history, and follow your gut. Or get an independent unbiased expert to coach you along the way.

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