Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Trading is like Bangkok Traffic

As I am traveling Thailand I have come to the conclusion that trading is like Bangkok traffic.  At first it's a little overwhelming.  Very congested, driving on the left side of the road, motorbikes everywhere, people walking in between traffic, motorbikes turning and going the wrong way, and all this can be described as perfect chaos.  It really isn't chaos. It just appears that way at first to someone new to Bangkok.  Once you pause, observe, and study the flow of traffic, you realize that there is a flow, a rhythm.   A rhythm that can't be taught, but must be observed and studied.  A rhythm that you can only be in-sync with when you take a leap and go with the flow.

Trading is like Bangkok Traffic.  You have to go with the flow (the trend) and not try and change the rhythm.

Sure, you can go against the grain, and ever so often you will find someone driving down the wrong way of a street.   You can make that trade against the trend.   Just know what you're doing or you'll be hit head on by the traffic (market).

All in all the biggest (life) lesson to be learned is to go with the flow.   Plan, don't over-think, analyze, don't over-analyze, and know that practice is the mother of skill.  

Soon you will be weaving in and out of that traffic, walking across busy roads with cars whizzing by left and right, without hesitation, making it to your destination (take profit).

Having a hobby, like photography in my case, helps to keep your mind on things other than trading.  Lets face it you can't be driving day and night.  You need to live life and work on that life balance.

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