Thursday, 16 May 2013

Welcome to my Forex Blog

Welcome... This blog is inspired by Anthony Bourdain.   As he says, I travel, I write, I eat, and I'm hungry for more.  That pretty much covers it.  Plus I day trade the Forex Market!  Currencies, not stocks.

A little about me.... After a long career as a management consultant, business analyst, and business coach for 20+ years, plus over 5 years experience day trading, it was time for a lifestyle change to focus on the things I enjoy the most.   Playing sports, keeping fit and healthy, eating good food, a warm climate, and working a few hours a day, in the evening when my brain is switched on.

The answer after many years of searching was Thailand.  Great time zone.  Affordable living. Great culture, food, people. And my favorite sports, Badminton and Boxing.

Best thing I have ever done.

Happy Pipping!